Friday, March 18, 2016

More progress on the Little Blue House

With the help of my dad, I installed the insulation myself.  It was a big job, but well worth the savings and thankfully we had cold weather then!

The plumbing was also already mostly done by this time and I hired out the wiring.  I supplied all the supplies and wire, so just payed for the labor.  It cost me $645 in labor.

Next was the sheet rock...I hate sheet rock and knew I didn't want any part of it so I also paid someone to hang it.  He also hung the interior doors, installed the shower and did some of the trim.  The labor for that was around $1500.  It was totally worth it because he got it done quickly.  If we had done this ourselves it would have taken a while.

Again, I bought the supplies and made sure they were on site when he needed them.
Below you can see the lower kitchen cabinets I purchased at Home Depot off the shelf.  They are one step up from their least expensive ones.  These are hickory cabinets.  For upper cabinets I purchased the unfinished cabinets and painted them. 

Here you can see that I have started priming the walls for painting.  I painted the entire inside of the house myself.  I purchased two gallons of oops paint at Home Depot for $9 each (reg priced $39 each)  I used the Behr paint with a primer and Kiltz 2 to prep the sheet rock.  I purchased a five gallon bucket of the paint for the floor, about $145, and two gallons for the living/kitchen area $39 each.  The closet was painted using some leftover paint from my parents house so it was free.  I also painted my floors, yes the floors.  I don't have extra money in the budget for flooring right now, so I primed and painted my plywood floors.  The house I lived in previously also had painted floors and I loved them (they were plank wood floors).  I may have some type of flooring installed later down the line, but painted will do for now.

This is the bathroom after it was painted.  This color is one of the oops paint I bought.  I also used this color in the laundry/pantry.
Lots more progress photos below.
 Kitchen area
 The closet.
 Living area.  Small green room off to the left is the laundry/pantry.
 Living area.
Walk in closet and organizer.  Bought on Amazon for about $90.

I'm still on target with my budget.  The sewer system is needs to be installed and I can move in.  The porch rails still need to be installed and I need to add another set of stairs to the other end of the porch at some point.  I need to buy a few furniture and storage pieces and unpack.  I will update more later and will include how I organize.