Monday, January 25, 2016

The Land

I'm building a house, a little blue house.  As I said before, I sold my house in April of last year and with the money from that sale I'm building a house....without a loan.  Can you say tight budget!  Anyway, just to be clear I did not have to purchase the land I'm building on.  It is family land and was free, so is not included in my budget.  Of course I would have bought land if I would have had to.  The part of the land I wanted to build on was mostly cleared, but there was an old chicken coop that needed to be torn down and some trees that need to be removed.  Clearing began in July and August.

The chicken coop had not been used for many years, except for storage.  There was something like 18 tires inside along with all sorts of old junk.  Hubcaps, rotted water hoses and items so old and rusted or deteriorated that we couldn't tell exactly what they were anymore.

The roof of the chicken coop was mostly old tin, but there was also an old feed sign that had been cut in half and used for part of the roof.

Anyway, I had already drawn my house plans, and had two estimates.  Building was to begin some time in September.  I'm not an architect.  I used graph paper and drew the plans I wanted.  It is a little house, measuring 24 feet by 32 feet, one bedroom, so simple to draw.  My estimates were for a pole barn style building with metal siding and roof.  To be built on a wood sub floor with a timber frame.  The estimate I chose was $24,400.  The estimate did not include the exterior doors and windows.  I purchased those and had them on sight.  Also, the estimate did not include finishing the interior.  All interior work is to be done by me, with family help, or be hired out.

Building finally began in early October and shortly after it began I left for a two week vacation.  Before I left they had made the progress shown below.

When I returned home from vacation, it looked like this:

More to come...