Thursday, March 1, 2012

Can Organizers from Product Review

My house is over a hundred years old, it was built in 1905, so closets barely exist much less a pantry.  So in one room I made my own pantry using free standing and wall shelves and it was a mess!  I looked for some type of can rotation system and found  They offer cardboard can rotation boxes for a reasonable price, 4 pack for $13.96 plus shipping.  Cardboard! you say, but just price the plastic and metal ones for yourself....they are PRICEY, to me anyway.  These work really well, each holding 8 to 10 cans depending on the size.  I ordered the shelf organizer, but they offer others, even some that hold bigger cans or more cans.  Now my shelves are neat and I don't have to worry about rotating most of my canned goods.  One con to these boxes is that, at first, they are a real pain to put together, and yes they come to you flat.  Instructions are provided, but are not very good.  They also offer a how-to video on youtube which was more helpful.  After you do a few, its not so bad.


  1. I'm thinking of ordering these. Now that you've had them a few months, do you still recommend them?

  2. Hi Laura, Yes I still recommend them. They are holding up really well, I have even moved them around a few times with the cans in them with no problems. Let me know how you like yours. Putting them together is the hardest part.

  3. Thanks very much for this review. I was skeptical about cardboard as a solution, but I agree with you that the other options are expensive. I will give these a try.